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Common AFMS Slangs and their meaning.
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Job punishment
buy job to get into trouble
serve job act of being punished
shifting usually done to from 3 provost, an intense job session initiating them into provost squadron
Kparoof to be drenched and soaked in mud
spark to refuse taking orders
suicide to risk doing something that can get a person in trouble
ojebs this is the common name of the house wear
craper/guru a person that is academically outstanding
catching fish this means dosing
crashing this means sleeping
gredge to eat/food
endurance joging a very long distance
chokes this refers to leakage during time of examination
max to chill, or to wait
fix up to tell on someone
patcher someone campaigning for an appointment or
someone that always want to do a job to please his superior
patching season period when patchers patch for appointment (usually during the second term)
sharp to be smart(in dressing) and combatant
lousy a very lazy person
Gamus refers to AIRFORCE GIRLS, our sister school
rider a dirty person
tatoo roll call
malingering pretending to be sick
to crape a test to ace a test
to bang a test to fail a test
grabbing term used by juniors, when senior JAM are looking for juniors to carry out a task
crash to sleep
kush cracking a joke that is not funny
jack to read
TDB reading Till Day Break
kus kus, clowns
junior boys
G-Home Vacation day
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